Pilz introduces the safety switch PSENcode key for restart protection and operating mode activation

Pilz’s non-contact coded safety switch welcomes a new member – PSENcode key, which can achieve the highest level of anti-manipulation protection in the smallest space. Different from other coded switches of the same type, the trigger operating part of the PSENcode key becomes a small and round key, which is easy to carry and not prone to wear and tear; even in heavy pollution/dust or high The application scenarios that require cleanliness can be used without fear of challenges. Based on the portability of the manipulator and the high security performance of the switch, the PSENcode key mainly implements the restart protection function or the mode activation function.

Pilz introduces the safety switch PSENcode key for restart protection and operating mode activation

PSENcode key is divided into ordinary coding type and unique coding type according to its coding type. According to different application scenarios, there can be different selection combinations to realize personalized or batch control mode. Combined with the safety diagnostic device (SDD), it can effectively identify the control head ID, thus realizing the most convenient factory key management system.

Introduction to Switching Characteristics

  • 22,5mm assembly size
  • PSENcode key cascade use up to PL e
  • long lasting
  • Deal with heavy pollution/dust occasions

Use Case 1: Mode Activation

The operator with administrative authority inserts the authority key into the PSENcode key located on the main console. After identification and authority identification, special functions can be activated: for example, executing the debugging mode, executing the shielding mode, executing the cleaning mode and other personalized requirements. After the key is removed, all special functions will be restricted.

Use Case 2: Reboot Protection

When personnel enter the interior of large equipment for cleaning, troubleshooting, maintenance and other processes, the past method is generally to limit the restart of the equipment by tagging and locking, so as to prevent personnel from being trapped inside the equipment and causing accidents. Now you can use the restart protection function of the PSENcode key. As long as the key has not returned to its normal position, the restart function will be limited to ensure the safety of personnel.

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