Pilz: “Key in your pocket” for safe and reliable plant maintenance

The new maintenance assurance system “key in pocket” from Pilz prevents risks caused by unauthorized machine restarts and increases maintenance work safety. The digital maintenance guarantee is based on the access authorization system PITreader, which can ensure the safety of machinery and Industrial information: during maintenance, only authorized personnel can access the plant or machine, preventing tampering and misuse.

Pilz: “Key in your pocket” for safe and reliable plant maintenance

Large factories often have a large number of hazardous areas, which are often protected with safety fencing. This places special demands on security: For example, it is very important that only authorized personnel carry out maintenance work. At the same time, it is also critical to ensure that no one remains in the danger zone when the plant restarts.

Pilz presents a digital maintenance assurance system “key in your pocket”, which flexibly meets the requirements of machine safety and industrial security: It ensures that machines cannot be restarted while maintenance work is being carried out and that unauthorized personnel cannot operate. The solution keeps devices safe in the face of dangerous restarts and also ensures that maintenance work cannot be tampered with.

based on authentication

The “key in your pocket” is based on the access authorization system PITreader and is implemented via the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 or the automation system PSS 4000. The user will get an RFID key with personal authorization, and can use PITreader to read the authorization information on the security door. This allows one or more users authorized to perform maintenance work to authenticate themselves on the device. At any time, the operator can know who has what task authority, and can also temporarily assign authority. After the identity authentication is completed, a string of unique security IDs will be stored in the security list of the controller. The machine can now be shut down, the safety door opened and the machine serviced. During this period, the RFID keys, or what we call “keys in the pocket”, are still kept by the users individually. When maintenance is done and people are out of the danger zone, everyone signs off. The security ID will be removed from the security list of the Pilz controller and the machine can be restarted.

Simple and Safe Maintenance

The digital maintenance guarantee system is specially designed for machines with hazardous areas, protected by safety fences. It provides an economical and effective alternative to the mechanical tagout lockout maintenance security system that is attached to all security doors. With the ability to enter or leave the plant through different security doors, the ‘key in the pocket’ offers workers greater flexibility and saves time during maintenance.

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