Pilz: New service for evaluating machinery safety

The automation specialist Pilz now offers a new service, the “Machinery Safety Evaluation” (MSE), for assessing the mechanical safety of existing machines. Operators can easily and quickly understand the safety and compliance status of their machines through data reports. Pilz offers a particularly effective addition to comprehensive risk assessments or plant assessments in its service portfolio.

Pilz: New service for evaluating machinery safety

The Machinery Safety Assessment service includes an on-site assessment of machinery in a production plant against applicable safety and compliance requirements. In the process, Pilz takes into account not only the applicable standards and directives at the place or destination where the machine is used, but also, at the customer’s request, customer-specific internal safety regulations. So, operations personnel can view the current compliance status of each plant or machine at a glance on a clear, comprehensive software-based dashboard. Pilz will provide the customer with a list of recommended measures (in order of priority) to ensure the safety of the plant. On request, Pilz can provide support to customers in implementing these measures.

The Machinery Safety Assessment is aimed at operators who wish to have an effective assessment of the safety and compliance of their existing machinery for comprehensive personal and liability protection. The quick and concise machine safety evaluation by Pilz experts is also suitable for inspections of potential retrofit measures or purchased machinery.

Two levels of technical detail

Pilz offers two levels of detail for its “Machinery Safety Evaluation” according to the individual requirements of the customer. Level 1 examines compliance with the security posture and lists recommended actions to mitigate risks, while Level 2 also includes an assessment of key risks and review documentation. If required, Pilz experts will generate a compliance overview according to specific company specifications, assess the highest achievable performance level PLr for the tested sub-functions and, as an option, provide a cost estimate for potential upgrades. If operators use a machine type at multiple locations, results from one machine’s evaluation can be transferred to similar machines. Operators can therefore obtain a very effective compliance assessment with the “Machinery Safety Evaluation”.

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