Pongkece, a medical puncture robot developer, received tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, led by Jinyu Bogor

Recently, poundkece (Shanghai) intelligentmedicalTechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Pongkece) completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, led by Jinyu Bogor, and Probe Capital as the exclusive financial advisor.

This round of financing will be used for the product matrix medical aesthetics in the technology platformrobotNMPA registration application, clinical trial and commercial promotion of two products, and percutaneous puncture robot.

It is understood that in February 2021, Pongkece completed a 20 million angel round of financing led by Lenovo Ventures and co-invested by Jinshajiang United Capital.

According to public information, poundkece was established in April 2019 and is a company incubated by Harbin Industrial Intelligence (000584.SZ).medical robotThe company focuses on the research and development of medical puncture Robots. By studying the common clinical characteristics of various diseases and exploring common clinical needs that need to be solved urgently, the company is determined to become an enabler of medical precision, and to create advanced segmented Robotic products that empower doctors and benefit patients.

Pongkece, a medical puncture robot developer, received tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, led by Jinyu Bogor

The core products of poundkece cover the diagnosis and treatment of medical beauty, tumor and other application fields. The current main product is the first approved hair transplant robot in China, which can greatly reduce the overall operation time, improve the operation efficiency, realize the standardization of the operation and enhance the operation effect. , Pongkece This product has completed a large number of clinical verifications, and has reached strategic cooperation with many hair transplant and medical beauty chain brands.

Zhang Zhaodong, the founder of poundkece, revealed that the future layout and imagination of poundkece robot is huge. He said that focusing on the application direction of puncture and navigation surgical robots, Pangkece will continue to deepen the development of clinical applications, expand more clinical diagnosis and treatment procedures, and develop percutaneous interventional navigation robots on the basis of existing products, including liver and kidney. , lung, nerve block and other application directions, deepen the supporting front-end and back-end energy platform related consumables on the basis of the technology platform.

As a platform-based enterprise of surgical robots, Pongkece will continue to develop medical robot products applied in different fields in the future, and will continue to provideMedical industryProvide better hardware and services, let high-end technology serve all mankind, and become a pioneer in high-end medical technology innovation services and a leading enterprise in medical robots.

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