[Registration Open]The 6th Capek Award Ceremony will be held in Wuhu on 8.28

Meet every spring in Capek, which has becomeRobotThe tradition of the industry has been affected by the epidemic this year. In August, we are finally long overdue.
In this hot summer, I will meet Capek with you and foresee a new future.
  From August 27th to 29th, the 6th Capek Award Ceremony and the 10th China International robot Summit Forum will be held at Yueyuanfang Hotel in Wuhu, Anhui. We look forward to your arrival!
The following is the eventschedule:
[Registration Open]The 6th Capek Award Ceremony will be held in Wuhu on 8.28
This year’s Capek still follows the previous practice, and the list of winners will be announced at the event.
Since its establishment, the Capek Prize has gone through five years, accumulated five years of experience, and gained five years of public praise. It has gradually developed into the most credible and influential award in China’s Robot Industry. The annual Capek Award has also become a communication platform for robot practitioners and played a greater role.
Cai Hegao (Chairman of the Jury Committee of the Capek Prize, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering)
The 6th Capek Award in 2020 has received more than 400 application materials from more than 200 enterprises, from different channels such as self-application, expert selection, and acceptance certification agencies. We see a lot of business enthusiasm, and more importantly, it’s a testament to their strength.
In the end, a total of 172 companies were successfully shortlisted for the Capek Collective Award (list attached) after the review and selection of the Capek Award organizer and the jury. The individual awards will be announced after the final evaluation.
In 1959 the United States was born the world’s firstIndustrial robot, ushering in the era of robotics.my country caught up in 1972, developed rapidly, has entered the extreme of industrialization, and has become the world’s largest.Industrial Robot Applicationmarket.
In 2019, the winter of the robot industry is coming, for ChinaindustryFor the robotics industry, it has become a challenge. Facts have proved that Robots have experienced a cold winter, but also gave birth to hope.
Although China’s industrial robots have experienced a periodic decline in growth rate, in the long run, the market space and prospects for industrial robots are still broad. With the breakthrough of core technology, the domestic replacement of robot body can be expected in the future.
The limited market promotes competition, and the robotics industry is reshuffled. Collaborative robots are rising against the market, and a hundred schools of thought contend. The market growth rate is significantly higher than the overall market growth rate of industrial robots. Various manufacturers compete for channels and customers, and the industry ecology is rebuilt in the survival of the fittest.At the same time, withFanucThe giant manufacturers represented by Yaskawa and Yaskawa are competing to enter the game, and also speed up the industrialization of collaborative robots.
In this cruel competition, which companies have turned around against the trend, which companies have accumulated a lot, and which companies have suddenly emerged? Through this Capek, we will discover the powerful forces behind the development and rise of these advantageous robot companies. We will invite industry experts and well-known entrepreneurs to share their experiences and look forward to all practitioners working together to create new brilliance.
“Meet Capek, foresee a new future” We are waiting for you in Capek, looking forward to the new future of robots.
At the end of the article, the list of shortlisted companies in this year’s Capek is attached again. If you have any questions about this year’s Capek, you can contact us directly: 13258330110 Miss Hou, 18255141535 Miss Zhang, thank you again for your support and support to Capek from all walks of life. focus on!

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