Robot + 5G two-way achievement!

2019 is called “the first year of 5G”. At the just-concluded 2019 Barcelona Communications Exhibition (MWC), Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi and other companies have released their own 5G mobile phones. If we say that 4G is only a change in network bandwidth, and 5G will bring about changes in the industry, now is the turning point of the era of the internet of People and the Internet of Things, and 5G will bring mankind into the sea of ​​stars where everything is connected.

So, what can 5G bring to the robotics industry?

Let’s take a look at the features of 5G:
1. The download speed of 5G is very fast, downloading a high-definition movie in one second;

2. The 5G network can drive a large number of intelligent hardware at the same time;

3. 5G has almost no delay (4G delay is 0.045 seconds, 5G delay is 0.001 seconds);

4. 5G becomes active data through ubiquitous intelligent hardware, breaking the passive data limited by APP;

5. D2D: In the 5G era, if two users under the same base station communicate with each other, their data will no longer be forwarded through the base station, but will be directly device-to-device.

5G technology will provide more possibilities for robot development

As the earliest domestic company to contact and participate in the feasibility verification of 5G in the Industrial field, SIASUN has established docking with many industry giants – SIASUN and China Mobile jointly established a 5G innovation technology joint innovation center, and completed the robot equipment based on 5G environment. testing and validation. Cooperate with Huawei, ZTE and other companies to jointly develop the prototype of a digital factory based on 5G technology.

Robot + 5G two-way achievement!
5G lab pictures
SIASUN collaborative robot appeared at ZTE booth

The existing characteristics of 5G are very suitable for the needs of a new generation of Robots. With 5G technology, a new generation of robots that integrate servers, sensors and other advanced hardware can exert their powerful functions. So will the navigation, communication, computing and other technologies carried by the current robots be eliminated? The answer is no. Even though 5G technology will bring new possibilities to the manufacturing industry, it is more of a complementary “optional” for the future robotics industry. In the actual production environment, the existing mature robot technologies will continue to play their important role, maximizing the satisfaction of production needs, and looking for a combination with 5G technology in the midst of constant changes.

The mobile robot using magnetic navigation and laser navigation technology has a motion accuracy of ±5mm, which can meet the special process requirements such as automobile assembly.

Robotics will accelerate the arrival of the 5G era

5G is not a “goddess” without shortcomings. The first problem is the signal coverage problem – building base stations. And due to the fast speed of 5G (high-frequency millimeter waves), and the remarkable characteristics of electromagnetic waves: the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the closer to straight-line propagation (the worse the diffraction ability), so it will require more than 4G. operators are facing greater financial pressure. In the early stage of base station construction, how to solve the problem of signal coverage? The robot gives a feasible method: use the robot to adjust the transmission direction of the base station antenna to achieve dynamic optimization of coverage.

The promotion and application of 5G technology will also promote the further development of cloud computing and big data technology. Behind this, the large-scale promotion and application of intelligent manufacturing technology with robot technology as the core in equipment manufacturers will also greatly shorten the launch time of 5G technology.


The industrial application of 5G technology is in the exploratory and experimental period as a whole, and it needs to rely on suitable carriers. SIASUN will rely on the world’s leading technology in the field of intelligent robots and Industry 4.0 to carry out the application demonstration of 5G in the field of cloud robots, including intelligent inspection robots, mobile robots, etc. Robots, industrial robots and other directions help accelerate the application of 5G technology. On the other hand, Xinsong people are also using their own wisdom to speed up the promotion of 5G technology to escort the early arrival of 5G.

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