Robot scrambled eggs only takes five or six minutes to attract Russian guests to discuss cooperation

(Reporter Wang Wenhan, Correspondent Wang Zhenyu) The fully automatic robot cooks vegetables without flipping with hands or spatula, and the fried vegetables are fresh and delicious… Yesterday, the new things at the Second Hotel Supplies Expo in Hubei Province attracted a group of Russian guests.

On the same day, more than 10 Russian guests who attended the Central China International Capacity Cooperation Forum and Business Matchmaking Fair also came to the expo site.

In front of the Shenzhen Fanxing Technology booth, a reporter from Changjiang Daily saw that the “robot chef” has a cylindrical “big mouth”, and there is a computer screen-like device next to the “big mouth”, on which there are various menus to choose from. There are more than 60 kinds of home-cooked dishes to choose from, including leek egg, mushroom fried pork slices, etc. After the staff finds “leek egg” in the menu, press the “OK” button, and the robot starts to work. I saw that the cylinder pot quickly turned to start preheating, and the preheated robot began to add oil to the barrel through the nozzle above the cylinder. After heating the oil for 20 seconds, start to manually feed the ingredients. First add ginger and garlic, then add eggs, and finally add chives. During this process, the cylindrical pot keeps turning and stirring. After about five or six minutes, the robot issued a sound of work completion, the scrambled eggs with chives were completed, the cylinder was automatically turned over, and the dishes were poured into the prepared plate.

A plate of yellow and white, steaming and fragrant dishes greatly increased the appetite of all the audience. After tasting it, the Russian guests present repeatedly praised and intends to discuss cooperation with enterprises.

It is understood that the second hotel supplies expo in Hubei Province, with the theme of “technology, intelligence, innovation, and experience”, has an exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters. Hundreds of domestic well-known first-line hotel supplies brand manufacturers participated in the exhibition, with more than 30 products on Display. Thousands of kinds, attracting more than 2,000 dealers from all over the country to “purchase goods”.

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