Robots will also be laid off? Can you get a job again?

New York City officials unveiled three new high-tech policing devices yesterday, including a robot dog, the new robot dog who was laid off shortly after joining the New York Police Force two and a half years ago and now belongs to the Laid off and reemployed.

To our knowledge, New York City’s firstrobotThe police dog was rented by Adams’ predecessor, ex-mayor Bill de Blasio, in 2020, but under pressure from some to criticize its appearance as creepy and partly dystopian, New York City cut it short. During the contract period of the robot police dog equipment, the robot was laid off.

Digidog (also known as Spot), used by the New York City Police Department, is a remote-controlled robot made by Boston Dynamics. It is designed to work in situations that may pose a threat to humans, helping to conduct inspections in dangerous areas and monitor construction sites. . In 2020, the New York Police Department used Robotic police dogs to conduct reconnaissance when the shooter was cordoned off inside the building, using the robot to sneak into locations that were difficult for officers to access; in 2021, the US police again deployed the robot in the suspect’s home in an operation to find out what’s going on in your home.

After the two controversial law enforcements, there were voices of criticism. Many people worried that the arrival of robot police dogs would infringe on citizens’ right to privacy and residential tranquility. They protested against the police station’s deployment of robot police dogs. The bureau decided to abandon the use of robot police dogs.

But after two years, the New York Police Department launched the robot police dog program again. Similarly, this deployment has also been protested by some people. The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), an organization that advocates against the use of surveillance at the local and state level, condemned Mayor Adams’ move. Albert Fox-Kahn, executive director of STOP, said in a statement: “The NYPD is turning bad science fiction into terrible policing. New York deserves real security, not knockoff Robots. A waste of public opinion. Funding to invade the privacy of New Yorkers is a dangerous police stunt.”

The NYPD will pay a combined $7.5 million for two robotic police dogs, Digidog, which weigh 70 pounds and have a top speed of 3.5 mph, and which police say will only be used in life-threatening situations, according to The New York Times. Use in situations such as hostage negotiations, setting up roadblocks, hazardous chemicals or radiation zones and other dangerous events.

“My job is to find the solution that’s best for the city. If you have a suspect that’s locked down, if you have a target person in a building that’s armed,” Mayor Adams said at a news conference Tuesday. , you should be sending the Digidog in, not the police, these are smart ways to use good technology.” Digidog is capable of two-way communication and can be equipped with variousTesting Equipment. They will begin deploying this summer.

In addition to deploying Digidog, Mayor Adams and the NYPD announced that it is piloting two other equally smart technologies. The first is using StarChase’s Guardian HX, a handheld or vehicle-mounted transmitter that beams GPS tracking tags to vehicles to track them during a car chase. There’s also the K5 ASR, a machine from Knightscope described as a “fully autonomous outdoor security robot” that will use the robot to gather intelligence.

The New York City Police Chief said at a press conference that the introduction of these technologies by the New York City Police Department will be open and transparent, in order to cooperate with police officers to complete tasks, Digidog and K5 ASR will not use facial recognition technology, and will not appear The issue of privacy breaches.

The emergence of robot police dogs can indeed improve the efficiency and safety of police officers and reduce the risk of police officers in high-risk tasks, but robot police dogs may also cause public concerns and protests, because they may be regarded as an invasion of privacy. tool, or misused as a tool to suppress and suppress the people. The police should maintain transparency and fairness when using robot police dogs, rationally legislate the use of high-tech tools, and avoid abuse of power and violation of civil rights to ensure the safety and stability of society.

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