Safe and reliable mold pad control system Bosch Rexroth equips the standard module IH04 with a modular standard control system with DGUV test certificate

Safe and reliable mold pad control system Bosch Rexroth equips the standard module IH04 with a modular standard control system with DGUV test certificate

Faster assembly and less documentation: the die pad module IH04E has safety features in accordance with PLe Category 4. (Image source: Bosch Rexroth AG)

With the die pad function of the new IH04 E-type standard module from Bosch Rexroth, engineers can use the most common switching systems. The modules are DGUV-tested and certified, have a standardized safety concept and are able to meet general safety requirements at minimal cost. Users can optionally combine such modules with energy recovery, reducing the energy consumption of the die pad modules.

Through the die pad technology, it can ensure that the plate maintains a uniform thickness during the forming process, and avoids cracks or wrinkles in the workpiece. Bosch Rexroth’s newly developed IH04 E-type (IH04E) die pad module complements the IH04 C/D-type upper piston standard module. The IH04E is compatible with the most popular and advanced hydraulic die pad switching systems available today.

At the same time, as a control system, the mold cushion module complies with the installation requirements of hydraulic presses specified in ISO 16092-3, and as a “safety-related control system component”, it complies with ISO 13849-1 standard and has PLe category 4 functions, which prevents Accidental lowering under weight, protection against unintentional starting from detent positions, and stopping of dangerous closing movements, safe deceleration up to category 3. With a DGUV test certificate, the calculation and documentation work required by engineers to prove the safety of their machinery according to the relevant standards will be greatly reduced.

The IH04E consists of a base module and a reversing valve to create an “active” die pad. The basic module provides reliable safety functions. Expansion modules provide pre-tensioning or sustainable energy recovery prerequisites. Additional expansion modules support differential switching and load sensing.

The IH04E is available in nominal sizes NG10 to NG32 and pumps volumetric flows up to 800 l/min at operating pressures up to 315 bar.

Bosch Rexroth adopts the IH04 S-type mechanical press hydraulic overload protection system to provide an additional solution to protect the molding machine. An oil pad is provided between the plunger and the machine tool, the load on this oil pad will be reduced in case of failure. The load is reduced after only 5 milliseconds, thus protecting the machine tool, drive and press frame in case of overload. If the plunger is subjected to an eccentric load, all connected overload protection systems will be triggered simultaneously. IH04S is installed on the oil pad of the plunger, or fixed at the center of the plunger, and connected by pipes. The overload protection system also includes a compact hydraulic power unit.

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