Schaeffler rolls off the 5 millionth thermal management module in China

On August 22, Schaeffler held a ceremony at the Shanghai Anting R&D Center, Xiangtan and Taicang manufacturing bases to celebrate the 5 millionth set of thermal management modules produced by Schaeffler in China. The output of thermal management products has reached a new level, laying a foundation for further business expansion in the future.

Dr. Chen Xiangbin, President of Schaeffler Greater China Automotive Technology Division:

“Thermal management is one of the important growth areas for Schaeffler’s automotive business, and we are delighted that, with the efforts of the Chinese team and the support of our customers for many years, our production has continued to achieve breakthrough growth. This also shows that our products and technologies and local The transformation ability has been recognized by customers, which reflects Schaeffler’s service concept of always being customer-oriented and responding quickly to customer needs.”

Schaeffler rolls off the 5 millionth thermal management module in China

The members of Schaeffler Greater China Management Committee, the management team of the Automotive Technology Division and related employees celebrated the 5 millionth set of thermal management modules rolled off the production line in Xiangtan manufacturing base. The person in charge of the German business line participated online, Anting R&D Center, Taicang Manufacturing Relevant employees of the base celebrate at the same time

A cost-effective thermal management solution

In 2011, Schaeffler launched its first thermal management module and achieved mass production applications. Over the years, through continuous technological upgrading, Schaeffler thermal management modules have been continuously improved in terms of product design, control accuracy, system efficiency and integration. In 2016, Schaeffler started mass production of thermal management modules in China, and currently has production lines in Taicang and Xiangtan manufacturing bases. Over the years, Schaeffler has continuously improved the localization of the supply chain, adopted advanced manufacturing processes, and met the growing market demand with excellent product quality, competitive costs and reliable delivery. Customers include independent brands and joint venture brands, Market share continues to increase.

As a technology pioneer and market leader in automotive thermal management, Schaeffler continues to expand its product range to provide thermal management solutions for various powertrains, covering applications ranging from internal combustion engine powertrains to new energy vehicles. In addition, Schaeffler has successfully applied thermal management technology to the electric drive system to further improve motor performance and vehicle thermal management. The integrated thermal management products for electric vehicles have received orders from local customers and will be mass-produced in China in the near future.

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