Seminar Preview | Turck excom Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O Online Seminar

Turck started as early as the 1960s with typical application products in the field of process control such as safety barriers and isolators. After decades of technological development and product iterative upgrades, Turck currently has a wealth of intrinsically safe products and solutions in addition to traditional safety barrier products, serving many companies in the field of process automation.

September 6, 2022, 14:00-16:00 “Turck excom Intrinsic Safety Remote I/O Online Seminar” will be held as scheduled, full of dry goods, looking forward to your participation!

  Seminar Preview | Turck excom Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O Online Seminar

Turck’s excom product is an explosion-proof intrinsically safe remote I/O system. All intrinsically safe design, to meet the explosion-proof zone 1/2. It has many technical advantages. It can be compatible with multiple control systems; powerful redundancy technology ensures the reliability of power supply and data; all modules support hot swap in dangerous areas, making maintenance more convenient; no DCS, PLC I/O modules, no safety barriers, cards The internal integration of the components can greatly save the cost of hardware I/O modules and safety barriers, and at the same time, the on-site installation also saves a lot of cable and labor costs; the equipment is directly installed on the explosion-proof site, and the explosion-proof site unpacking maintenance reduces the time cost.

In the petrochemical and chemical industry, Turck’s intrinsically safe remote explosion-proof I/O is widely used in special occasions such as petrochemical terminals and tank farms. /O provides customers with a brand-new option, which can greatly reduce the user’s project investment cost and shorten the construction period.

September 6, 2022, 14:00-16:00

“Turck excom Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O Webinar”

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