Shenzhen’s robot industry: a spark of fire is yet to start a prairie prairie

Shenzhen’s robot industry: a spark of fire is yet to start a prairie prairie

Shenzhen Yifeng ParkingrobotAutomatically park and pick up the car in 2 minutes.Photo by Nanfang Daily reporter Zhu Hongbo

■Open hurdles

Huawei is leading the high-tech industry in China, the international university park is accelerating its rise, Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City has become internationally renowned, and it has established a normalized exchange mechanism with innovative and developed regions such as Silicon Valley in the United States… In Longgang, the standard that used to spread throughout the regionindustryThe common scene of factory buildings and surging migrant workers when they get off work is fading away. University professors walk into factories to become innovation mentors, and entrepreneurs who open foundries turn around to create innovative products. Longgang District, which used to be on the edge of innovation in Shenzhen, has not only grown into an innovation highland in the east of Shenzhen, but has also initially embarked on a new path for a late-developing area to achieve leapfrog development through innovation.

To welcome the “east” wind, Longgang’s innovation and development will start again. With the implementation of this year’s “Shenzhen Eastward” strategy and the “13th Five-Year Plan”, Longgang’s innovation-driven development has entered a new stage of development. Then, in such a passionate historical period, what opportunities and challenges does Longgang’s innovation and development face, how to develop innovative Industrial clusters, how to cultivate more advantageous enterprises, and how to reconstruct the new relationship between government and business in the process of innovation and development?

As an observer stationed in Longgang by the Provincial Party Committee Organ, we hope to go deep into Longgang’s campuses, communities, factories, and office buildings, listen to the pulsating sound of Longgang’s innovation and development from a distance, explore the general trend of Longgang’s innovation and development, and record Longgang’s realization of innovation through innovation. The historical process of leap-forward development is “drumming and shouting” for the development of Longgang, and it will also try to extract more replicable and popularized “Longgang Experience” to provide useful reference for the Pearl River Delta region and even the country. Based on this, from now on, “Nanfang Daily Longgang Window” will launch a series of reports on “Longgang Innovation-Driven Development Research”, please pay attention.

This year, the product known as “China’s best parking robot” became popular on the internet and appeared on the news broadcast. This company named YifengautomationThe company has been developing in Longgang since 2003, and this year it became famous for its Robots. This is also regarded as the first cry of the Longgang Robot Industry.

For a long time, the communication equipment represented by Huawei (digital information) industry is the pillar industry of Longgang. In recent years, with the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading in Longgang, this industrial zone in Shenzhen and the “main force” of Shenzhen’s eastward strategy implementation are ambitiously building a new pillar industry – the robot industry.

“The robot industry is very suitable for Longgang.” On many occasions, the person in charge of Longgang District once said. In 1998, Huawei moved to Longgang and gradually became a technology giant in Shenzhen. It also supported Longgang as the “backbone” of the high-tech industry. As the global robot industry entered a period of rapid development, the industry is generally expected to see explosive growth in the background. Next, can Longgang’s robot industry perform such a “Longgang story” again?

●Written by: Nanfang Daily reporter Feng Feiwei

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