SIASUN Robot established a new semiconductor equipment company with a registered capital of 800 million yuan

Tianyancha APP shows that recently, Suzhou Xinshinuo Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 800 million yuan. Its business scope includes: artificial intelligence application software development; environmental protection special equipment manufacturing;Industrial robotManufacturing; sales of intelligent material handling equipment, etc.

Tianyancha equity penetration shows that the company is owned by Xinsongrobot100% holding.

SIASUN Robot established a new semiconductor equipment company with a registered capital of 800 million yuan

Just a few days ago, SIASUN Robotics issued an announcement that the company intends to acquire 60% of the equity of its shareholding subsidiary Shenyang SIASUN Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SIASUN Investment”) with its own or self-raised funds. 236 million yuan.

According to the official website of SIASUN Investment, the company is a robot industry investment company under SIASUN Robotics and is committed to promoting the industrialization of Robots. SIASUN Investment mainly assumes the responsibilities of the investment headquarters, and is responsible for the implementation of mergers and acquisitions and the investment and construction of regional headquarters, Industrial centers and intelligent industry innovation service platforms.

Xinsong Robot highlighted in the announcement that after the transaction is completed, the company will indirectly hold 80% equity of SYNUS Tech Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shinsung FA CO., Ltd.) through Xinsong Investment. The company’s overall strategic layout in the field of panel and semiconductor equipment business.

In January 2018, the robot disclosed an announcement that the joint-stock company Shinsong Investment, as the buyer and the seller, signed the “Equity Transfer Agreement” with the South Korean listed company SHINSUNG (Xinsheng). RMB) to acquire an 80% stake in Shinsung FA CO., Ltd., a spin-off company established by SHINSUNG for the factory automation business (FA business).

Among them, SHINSUNG is well-known in the field of semiconductors and panels, ranking among the top five in the world, and SHINSUNG ranks among the top three in South Korea, where semiconductor and panel automation are developed, and is a representative enterprise with high influence in the industry.

For this transaction, SIASUN Robotics pointed out that the company has already made strategic layouts in the fields of semiconductors and large-scale integrated circuits, and is the only manufacturer in China that provides clean robots. This transaction is conducive to the extension of the company’s industrial chain in the field of semiconductors and panels, and will help the company to become a mainstream supplier in the field of semiconductors and panels, and to improve its industry status and market influence.

Now that the semiconductor equipment company is established again, it is obviously to increase the layout in the semiconductor field, and it also shows that it is optimistic about the development prospects of the automation of the semiconductor industry.

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