SIASUN’s first batch of automatic mask production lines will be offline soon

SIASUN’s first batch of automatic mask production lines will be offline soon

Since 2020, in the face of the sudden epidemic, masks have become a hot-selling product. With the virus epidemic prevention work entering a critical stage and the successive resumption of work of various enterprises, it is expected that there will be a large gap in the total demand for various masks in a short period of time. A hard-to-find dilemma that needs to be solved urgently.

As a leading enterprise in the field of robotics and automation, taking market demand as the starting point, SIASUN Group quickly gathered the top scientific research forces of the two major R&D centers in China (Shenyang, Shanghai), and urgently established a mask production line research project team. Taking full advantage of SIASUN’s own products and massive market application experience, it has successfully developed a fully automatic flat medical surgical mask production line and a fully automatic folding medical mask production line, escorting the production of masks with the power of technology.

▲Mobilization meeting of the mask production line tackling project team

On the other hand, the dedicated and creative Xinsong people are interpreting the mission and responsibility of a great country with their own actions: an N95 mask machine in disrepair at a customer site could not operate normally. The BG technical team of SIASUN Special Robots worked continuously for 24 hours, worked overtime to complete equipment debugging and maintenance, and the mask machine successfully resumed production capacity. However, due to the aging of key components, the equipment failed again soon after successful operation. The SIASUN technical team rushed to the user’s site overnight to diagnose the problem and coordinate the replacement of parts.

The engineers who have been fighting for several days have a tired look on their faces, but their words are full of pride and pride: “N95 masks are the most scarce substance at present, and they are also the health guards of medical staff. Every time we debug and assemble a production line, it means that More masks can be produced. Heroes are fighting the virus on the front line, and we are willing to be their most solid rear protection!”

It is understood that under the current shortage of supply chain, through comprehensive planning, the first batch of automatic mask production lines of SIASUN will be offline in the near future. It is expected that after the production line is put into use, the current supply problem of the mask market will be solved to a certain extent.

Fully automatic flat medical surgical mask production line

SIASUN’s fully automatic flat mask production line realizes fully automatic production of flat masks, mainly including coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge rib feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear strap feeding and welding, finished product blanking and other processes. The entire production process from the raw material of the coil to the finished mask.

Fully automatic folding medical protective mask production line

The production line can be fully automated from the non-woven roll material to the final finished mask. The equipment unit includes: coil material feeding unit, middle and inner layer pre-feeding unit, nose clip feeding unit, mask contour pressing welding unit, coding unit, ear strap feeding unit, ear strap welding unit, mask folding and pressing unit, trimming and blanking unit, etc.

The production line has the following technical characteristics:

1. The equipment has good compatibility and can be compatible with masks of various specifications.

2. The use of tension intelligent control can better ensure a more balanced feeding of raw materials.

3. Equipment intelligent control, real-time monitoring of various performance indicators of the production line, good stability.

4. Each unit of equipment moves in concert, and continuous production is carried out in a streamlined manner.

5. Intelligent detection, fault warning prompt, easy operation and maintenance.

6. The equipment is beautiful in appearance and durable.

In order to meet the needs of various production enterprises at special times, Xinsongte has opened a 24-hour service hotline: 400-800-8666, and is equipped with professional pre-sales personnel to continuously track customer demand information, and serve the majority of enterprises with science and technology.

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