Siemens supports transition to sustainable infrastructure with new digital solutions

  • Exhibited Building X, a series of smart buildings, to help build net-zero energy buildings
  • Desigo CC, Siemens’ new digital fire safety service and integrated building management system, was showcased for the first time
  • Focus on reliable, energy-efficient electrical installation and distribution technologies to address grid complexity and renewable energy integration

Siemens unveiled the theme of “Smart Infrastructure is Sustainable Infrastructure” at the 2022 Lighting and Building Electrical Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. During this exhibition, Siemens focused on its digital vision as a key pillar of the infrastructure transformation needed to meet the challenges of climate change and global sustainability. Siemens brings a series of products, solutions and services to help transform buildings and grids.

Matthias Rebellius, Member of the Board of Management of Siemens AG and CEO of the Smart Infrastructure Group, said: “Digitalization is an important driver of sustainable development. Building smarter buildings and grids with digital technologies is critical to building resilient, adaptive, efficient and Livable infrastructure is crucial. Siemens is willing to drive sustainable infrastructure transformation with customers while empowering them to achieve their goals.”

The transformation is imminent: by 2050, the global population is expected to approach 10 billion people, most of whom will live in cities. In the total global energy consumption, buildings account for about 40%, and industry accounts for about one-third. It can be seen that digital buildings and electrification systems will jointly support a more sustainable future.

Adaptive solutions for future-proof buildings

Building X is a series of intelligent buildings launched by Siemens for net-zero energy buildings. It has the characteristics of artificial intelligence-enabled applications, secure networking, and openness. Building X is the first product based on Siemens Xcelerator. Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform launched by Siemens to help accelerate digital transformation in the fields of industry, buildings, power grids and transportation.

Siemens also demonstrated a wealth of building services (Building Services). These services combine technology with the expertise of digital building experts to reduce costs, increase revenue and foster growth, meet sustainability and regulatory requirements, and optimize building performance. These include the Energy Flexibility Service based on the “as a service (XaaS)” business model, which can support customers to integrate different energy