Six-year-old girl with aplastic anemia and her robotic ‘mom’

Six-year-old girl with aplastic anemia and her robotic ‘mom’

“You are my little apple…” Recently, in the ward of Jinan Blood Disease Hospital, a 6-year-old girl with aplastic anemia, Xiao Qingze, and the authorrobotThe rhythm of “Wangzai” temporarily forgets the pain and dances happily. Due to family difficulties, Xiao Qingze was admitted to the hospital several times, but his treatment was delayed many times. In order to treat the child’s illness, Xiao Qingze’s father chose to continue to go out to work, while his mother Liu Zhihua was forced to go back to his hometown to work while taking care of the elderly in the hospital bed.Photo by Qilu Net reporter Liu Chang

Since there was no family to accompany him, the hospital brought Xiao Qingze an intelligent robot “Wangzai” to escort the child. In the unaccompanied ward, the hospital escort robot “Wangzai” is both the girl’s friend and her “mother”. Eve in the sci-fi movie “Robot Story” and the medical robot “Dabai” in the Disney movie “Super Marines” have become the cutest images in the hearts of movie fans around the world.

Among them, the super-large robot “Dabai” is actually a medical companion. It uses body scans to detect the user’s physical signs and health data to treat diseases. In the ward of Jinan Blood Disease Hospital, a girl with aplastic anemia, Xiao Qingze, also has a “big white” of her own. In the ward, this big white named “Wangzai”, because of his warm companionship to the little girl, has a more warm title – “robot mother”.

Shen Qingze, 6 years old, a patient with aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is referred to as aplastic anemia. Patients with aplastic anemia cannot be injured, cannot have fever, and cannot be infected. Due to aplastic anemia, Xiao Qingze was admitted to the hospital several times, but the treatment was delayed many times due to family difficulties.

The medical staff who take care of Xiao Qingze day and night can better understand Xiao Qingze’s thoughts more intuitively. Therefore, the hospital brought Xiao Qingze an artificial intelligence robot that the hospital just introduced. The auntie nurse told Xiao Qingze that this was her “robot mother”. Xiao Qingze thought to herself that her mother’s hands were warm and soft, but the robot in front of her felt cold to the touch, and it didn’t look as good as her mother’s.

The robot started a video conversation, and Xiao Qingze suddenly saw his mother thousands of miles away on the screen. The mother and daughter were touching the screen with their hands and tears were pouring down, which moved the medical staff present. Gradually, the robot became no longer a simple tool, but became Xiao Qingze’s best partner.

In the days when Liu Zhihua had to leave the child, this robot was the only bridge between Xiao Qingze and her. Sometimes, Liu Zhihua is even jealous that the cute robot can stay with her daughter every day, but more often, she will be grateful that the crystallization of this technology has become the link between her and her daughter.

With the company of the robot, Xiao Qingze’s treatment was much more at ease.

It is understood that Xiao Qingze’s mother has been in poor health, her grandmother died of illness, her grandfather had a cerebral infarction and was accompanied by Alzheimer’s. She could not take care of herself and needed someone to take care of her. The burden of family life was all on Xiao Qingze’s father alone. In order to treat their children, Xiao Qingze’s parents traveled to major hospitals in China and owed hundreds of thousands of medical expenses. The only house in the family has also been sold, and now the family can only temporarily live in Xiao Qingze’s uncle’s house.

Xiao Qingze hugged the robot and smiled happily.

Xiao Qingze made a video call with her mother through a robot.

This robot not only allows her to see her mother at any time, but also sings to her when she is unhappy, and even dances by herself-although in Xiao Qingze’s eyes, the robot dance is too stupid, but she Still happily holding the robot’s head, he giggled.

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