Stunned! Domestic robots will participate in hosting the 2017 Digital Expo “Dabai”, are you?

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: With the advancement of internet technology, in recent years, a term has frequently appeared in many media and experts – artificial intelligence, how far is it from us? 2017 China International Big Data Industry Expo seems to give you the answer.

On April 6, a reporter from Colorful learned from the Organizing Committee of the Digital Expo that this year’s Digital Expo, the domestic small irobotWill appear as a virtual host to start the Digital Expo together with a real hostexhibitionThe opening ceremony of the museum showcases the ability of intelligent Robots to “listen and speak”.

In addition, Xiaoi Robot will also release the first open artificial intelligence interactive system, M2 OS, the world’s strongest hardware brain with Chinese semantics. The system has a wide range of application capabilities, including smart homes, smart robots, smart toys, virtual assistants, smart wear, content services, and more.

Xiaoi joins hands with Guiyang and the first batch of artificial intelligence applications have been put into use

In 2016, the Guiyang Municipal Government and Xiaoi Robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement on a national artificial intelligence big data cloud service platform to jointly promote the construction of the core area of ​​China’s first national-level comprehensive pilot zone for big data.

After a year of collaboration, the first batch of artificial intelligence pilot applications has been clearly planned. The first phase of docking and application promotion is mainly for government affairs, call centers, tourism, finance and other fields and industries, and has been successfully invested in government services. use.

In response to the functional needs of various functional units such as Guiyang’s industry and commerce, human society, and traffic management, Xiaoi Robot has specially created a group of government service robots, which use artificial intelligence technology to realize citizens’ complaints and suggestions The self-flow of government services has greatly improved the efficiency of government work and the experience of citizens, and has produced great social repercussions.

Artificial intelligence in the movie “Super Marines”: “Big White”

The robot becomes the mediator, this is the intelligent and considerate “big white” you want

When it comes to artificial intelligence, most people think of the “big white” in the previously popular sci-fi movie “Super Marines”. The intelligent and considerate image of the robot “Dabai” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. “If I also have a Dabai…” has become a beautiful thought in everyone’s heart.

However, in Guiyang, people seem to have “taste the sweetness”.

Recently, the intelligent IVR and intelligent mediation system jointly developed by Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce and Xiaoi Robot has entered the internal testing stage. The system can realize cross-regional self-help mediation between both parties through the first artificial intelligence self-mediation room in the country. Cafes and even waiting rooms can be done.

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When consumers in Guiyang dial “12315” to defend their rights and enter the mediation stage, both parties to the mediation enter the artificial intelligence self-service mediation room through the webpage or APP, and the intelligent robot becomes the mediator. During the mediation process, both parties to the dispute can send information such as voice, text, pictures, and videos. Once the intelligent robot detects that a party is emotional, it will automatically adjust the atmosphere of the scene, and can accurately identify sensitive words and issue warnings. When the mediation parties need legal advice, intelligent robots can answer them in real time. In addition, the intelligent robot will also record the whole process of mediation. In addition to the content used to backtrack the case, a large amount of case data will be used to guide future work through intelligent analysis.

For a small number of unsuccessful self-mediated mediation cases, the system will switch to manual mediation. After the intervention of the human mediator, the intelligent robot will act as the “strongest outer brain” of the mediator, matching similar precedents and applicable regulations in the massive database for the mediator’s reference, improving the accuracy and fairness of the mediation. After successful mediation, the system will automatically generate a mediation document and upload it to close the case.

It is understood that after the official deployment of the system, 80% of the basic information consultation work of Guiyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be diverted, making case mediation and trial more fair, professional and efficient.

Small i intelligent entity robot sample

Artificial intelligence at the door of ordinary people

Outpatient consultation, medical guidance, health preservation and other daily life services that often require human-to-human interaction can soon be done in Guiyang Century City community close to artificial intelligence.

According to the relevant person in charge of Xiaoi Robot, the intelligent service system of Century City Community in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City will be launched in the near future. Relying on the mature intelligent service technology of Xiaoi robot and intelligent physical robots, the system has opened up the data of 10 departments in Guiyang City, and provided an all-round intelligent system that can query people’s livelihood, government affairs, medical care, pension, information, and terminal management. , so that the residents can do business without leaving the community, which greatly facilitates the residents’ life.

In addition to making the lives of ordinary people more convenient, Xiaoi Robot is also committed to introducing artificial intelligence technology into the tourism field. It is reported that Xiaoi plans to launch the country’s first virtual tour guide robot to promote Guiyang’s tourism re