Sunny Intelligent Optics: Robot Vision Empowers More Application Scenarios

As an important frontier branch of the artificial intelligence industry, with the global technological revolution and Industrial transformation, the internationalmachine visionThe industry is already in a mature stage and the market is growing. At the same time, the domestic machine vision industry has entered a stage of rapid development driven by favorable policies and markets, and China is becoming one of the regions with active machine vision development in the world.

When the industry has been deeply plowing in the field of machine vision, Sunny Intelligent Optics, starting from its own product system and strategic direction, innovatively put forward the “robotThe concept of “vision” also represents the focus and direction of Sunny’s intelligent optics.

Recently, OFweek interviewed Zhou Jialu, Marketing Director of Sunny Intelligent Optics, a subsidiary of Sunny Optical Technology (Group), to learn about the development and layout of Sunny robot vision, and gain insights into the future development direction of robot vision.

Sunny Intelligent Optics: Robot Vision Empowers More Application Scenarios

Zhou Jialu, Marketing Director of Sunny Intelligent Optics

“Robot vision” concept and “1+2+N3” strategy

What is “robot vision”?

Zhou Jialu said that from a broad perspective, we are more willing to split Robots into “machines and humans” and “machines + humans” based on the current situation, so that the three words “robots” are more imaginative and more in line with Shun. From a narrow perspective, from mobile phones to cars, what is the next trillion-level consumer market, robots are worth our imagination.

As a robot vision system solution provider, Sunny Intelligent Optics has proposed a “1+2+N3” robot vision strategy in order to better promote the development of robot vision business. Zhou Jialu also interpreted this:

“1” meansRobot vision platformincluding business platform, product platform, technology platform, and manufacturing platform, jointly build the foundation for visual product development and business expansion.

“2” refers to two ways of realization, one is the way of realization issmart manufacturing, as a product research and development company with mass manufacturing capabilities, Sunny Intelligent Optics has inherited the manufacturing and production genes of the group company’s advantages, and cooperates with its own technical strength to create high-quality products for the industry.Another way is toCombination of cores, relying on algorithms and chips, through the development of embedded software and hardware, endow products with edge intelligence. In addition, the so-called “2” has another definition as two major application areas of robot vision – recognition and positioning. “Recognition” includes face recognition, object recognition, gesture recognition, etc., and “positioning” includes spatial construction. Maps, autonomous obstacle avoidance navigation, etc., more clearly focus on application scenarios from the application field.

And “3” refers to three product forms, includingModules, modules and system solutionsthree kinds. From the camera module that we are good at to the comprehensive vision module, and then further explore to the system solution, step by step; and with the vision application from imaging to perception to interaction to change, another layer of meaning is three kinds of interaction methods, including man-machine interaction, machine-machine interaction, and object-machine interaction.

And “N” refers to N market segments, clear paths, build products, based onMetaverse, smart home, smart business, smart industryThe four major scenarios cover N market segments, and find strategic customers who will “run long distances” together.

Under the guidance of this strategy, the business of Sunny Intelligent Optics is constantly expanding, looking forward to a broader future.

From technical advantages to mass production

The leading market share of Sunny Optics in the field of robot vision is inseparable from the technical strength behind it.

According to Zhou Jialu, as early as more than ten years ago, Sunny Intelligent Optics had insight into the development prospects of vision, and formally established a relevant team to enter the field of 3D vision. Advantages, the solution fully covers binocular, structured light and TOF, and provides forward-looking and targeted series of solutions according to customer needs.

In addition to the visual technology “capable of fighting and resisting”, Sunny Intelligent Optics has also followed the development of the industry and built a multi-sensing fusion technology team to continuously improve and implement from scenes to algorithms to products to meet the needs of different types of customers. Sunny Intelligent Optics also has its own intelligent chemical factory, which can support the needs of customers for mass delivery, guarantee the production of customers with stable supply capacity, and achieve a win-win situation with customers.

Learn more scenarios and serve more end customers

Among the many common sweeping robot brands, Sunny Intelligent Optics has a market share of more than 50% of the visual product market.Not only that, the technical intercommunication with the sweeping robotservice robotsuch as distribution robots, cleaning robots, and welcome robots, are also important scenarios for Sunny’s intelligent optics.

Compared with the marketing highlights that simply solve the troubles of housework, Sunny Intelligent Optics wants to go further… Zhou Jialu said that the company will continue to explore human-computer interaction in the future, so that robots can become humans’ real “family members”. Based on this goal, Sunny Intelligent Optics has entered the smart home field, aiming at the incremental market of tens of millions – smart door locks, and launched a visual module integrating face recognition.

Although the consumer market is the main direction of attack, Sunny Smart Optics is not limited to this.Not long ago, the company released the weld seam trackingsensor, relying on optical design, simulation capabilities, etc., to create a 3D camera with anti-reflection, anti-high temperature, anti-arc and many other capabilities, which can help robots perform welding tasks in special environments with high temperature and high brightness. This is the company’s exploration of the industrial market. new level. Of course, while creating good products, based on customer needs and macro-environmental conditions, Sunny Intelligent Optics uses consumer-grade concepts to produce industrial-grade products, bringing high cost performance to customers and improving the input-output ratio of both parties.

Sunny Smart Optical Seam Tracking Sensor

Sunny Intelligent Optics always believes that robots will enter thousands of households like mobile phones and cars in the future. While proposing the concept of “robot vision”, it will also take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of leading and guiding, delving into technology and creating products. Continue to innovate in the field and continue to create value for customers.

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