The commercialization of construction robots opens the new model of Country Garden’s “building”

Not far from Country Garden headquarters, there is a pink building, which is particularly eye-catching.
This is Country GardenrobotThe core of the business, Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bozhilin) ​​is located here.
Walking into the door, a series of pink Robots are neatly displayed. They look cute, but each has its own specialties. Some are strong in painting, some are fast in moving bricks, some are powerful in cleaning, and some have good spraying effect.
Make building a house easy
Three years ago, Yang Guoqiang, the founder of Country Garden, proposed to “build a house exactly like a car” and said that Country Garden would speed up the deep integration of artificial intelligence and construction robots.
In July 2018, Bozhilin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Country Garden, was established in Shunde, Guangdong, positioning itself as an industry-leading provider of intelligent construction solutions, focusing on the research and development, production and development of construction robots, BIM digitalization and new construction industrialization products.application, to create and practice a new way of building construction organization. Through technological innovation and model innovation, we will explore new paths for high-quality sustainable development in the industry, and help the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.
In the past three years, Bozhilin has realized the construction robot from independent research and development, small batch production to engineering testing, engineering services and batch commercialization, and has carried out comprehensive end-to-end planning and practice, and built a complete full-cycle closed-loop.
At present, the robot controllers independently developed by Bozhilin have been applied in batches to about 20 construction robots in 12 categories, such as floor construction, concrete finishing, masonry technology, paint and wallpaper construction, building cleaning, indoor and outdoor spraying, etc. The cumulative delivery volume is nearly 850 pieces.
In terms of technology research and development, as of the end of November this year, Bozhilin has submitted 3,461 valid patent applications and more than 1,600 authorized patents; related research and development products have successively won China Patent Award, IF Design Award, Red Dot Award, IDEA Award, Red Star Award, Gold Award Reed Award, etc.
Zhang cymbal, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, dean and professor of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, said: “In just three years, Country Garden Group has invested a lot of R&D resources and talents in the fields of BIM, prefabricated buildings and construction robots, and carried out comprehensive R&D. , has delivered a large number of robots, and is at the forefront of the field of intelligent construction and construction robots in the country and even the world.”
In Country Garden’s Industrial map, robots have become one of the “troikas” that drive corporate development alongside real estate and modern agriculture. Since 2019, robots have been included in Country Garden’s interim and annual reports for three consecutive years.
At present, Bozhilin’s products and technologies have achieved many breakthroughs, filled a number of industry gaps, and become the world’s leading provider of intelligent construction solutions.
For example, for the eight core modules of construction robots, Bozhilin has achieved full coverage of independent research and development, among which navigation, vision, multi-machine scheduling and other technologies have filled the gap in the field of construction robots; the company is developing 46 construction robots, most of which are Robots are commonly used in cast-in-place concrete technology and prefabricated building construction. At present, 12 construction robot product lines have been formed, including concrete construction, concrete finishing, brick laying and plastering, and interior wall decoration.
Commercial application has already started
At present, Bozhilin’s construction robots have begun to go out of the laboratory and start commercial applications. According to reports, Bozhilin has put 18 construction robots into commercial application, serving more than 280 projects in 25 provinces, with a cumulative delivery of more than 600 units, and a cumulative application construction of more than 5.5 million square meters.
At the beginning of February this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the “Letter on Agreeing to Launch the Pilot of Intelligent Construction”, and identified 7 projects to carry out pilot work of intelligent construction, among which the Fengtong Garden project in Shunde, Foshan was listed. This is the first commercial application project of Bozhilin construction robots, and it is also the only pilot project in China that really introduces construction robots and applies them to the construction process in batches.
In May, Bozhilin construction robot completed the first concrete product line robot construction application work for the external unit China Railway Construction Engineering Guangzhou Baiyun Station project; in October, Bozhilin’s indoor spraying robot entered Shenzhen Ruihe Construction Foshan project, in Foshan completed a paint spraying operation for the model room.
Industry analysts say that as the world’s largest construction market, China’s construction industry output value will reach 26.4 trillion yuan in 2020. At present, the digital transformation and upgrading of the construction industry is imperative, and intelligent construction has become the frontier of science and technology in the field of construction in the world. my country has deeply implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, and construction robots and intelligent construction have a broad space for development.
“Digital transformation is an important way to promote the high-quality development of the construction industry. From ‘built in China’ to ‘made in China’ is the general trend of the development of my country’s construction industry.” said Liu Jinzhang, vice president of China Construction Industry Association. At present, the digitalization of new infrastructure is accelerated, and the deep integration of intelligence and construction sites will promote the upgrading of traditional construction methods, improve project management and production efficiency, and will boost the modernization of my country’s construction industry into the “fast lane”.
At the same time, the proposal of the “dual carbon” goal has further promoted the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. According to the data released by the Energy Consumption Statistics Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association, in 2018, the total carbon emission in the whole process of construction in China was 4.93 billion tons of carbon dioxide, accounting for 51.3% of the national carbon emission. Promoting the construction industry to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and save resources is particularly important for achieving green and low-carbon development.

In this regard, construction robots will have a greater use. According to reports, through high-quality and stable construction, as well as digital and intelligent smart site management, Bozhilin has improved operation efficiency, greatly reduced the rework rate of construction, reduced the waste of building materials, and reduced industrial pollution and carbon emissions. .

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