The first China-led international standard ISO23218 series of CNC system for machine tools was officially released

Recently, the international standard ISO 23218-2 “Industrial automation systems and integration — Numerical control systems for machine tools — Part 2: Requirements for numerical control system integration Part 2: System Integration Requirements)” was officially released, following the same series of standards ISO 23218-1 “Industrial automation systems and integration—Numerical control systems for machine tools—Part 1: Requirements for numerical control systems (industrial automation systems and integrated machine tool numerical control systems) Part 1: General Technical Requirements)” was officially released in June.

The release of this series of standards has realized an important change in my country’s leading the formulation of international standards “from 1 to N” in the field of machine tool numerical control systems. voice and international influence.

The first China-led international standard ISO23218 series of CNC system for machine tools was officially released

Published ISO 23218 series of international standards

About ISO23218 series of national standards

The ISO 23218 series of international standards are aimed at machine tool CNC system manufacturers. From a global perspective, fully considering the CNC system’s requirements for climate, mechanical, electrical environmental conditions and safety protection, the basic performance index evaluation system of the CNC system has been established, and the complex environment has been established. It breaks through key technologies such as key index decoupling test technology, overcomes the core problems of “same open platform, same security threshold, and same evaluation ruler”, and solves the difficulty of unifying the standard technical requirements of CNC system and the interests of manufacturers. Difficulties in coordination and formulation of standard clauses.

ISO 23218-1 R&D Process

As the domestic technical counterpart unit of the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC184/SC1 (Automation System and Integration-Industrial Cyber-Physical Equipment Control), the secretariat of the National Automation System and Integration Standardization Technical Committee Physical Equipment Control Branch (SAC/TC159/SC1) is affiliated to the secretariat. , General Technology Machine Tool Research Institute has been actively promoting the international standardization of machine tool CNC systems since 2016. In 2016, Chinese experts were organized to introduce the relevant standardization progress and application of CNC systems in China at the 24th annual meeting of ISO/TC184/SC1; At the fifth annual meeting, Chinese experts introduced the preparation of international standard proposals for machine tool numerical control systems, which received extensive attention and unanimous approval from the experts at the meeting; The standard proposal was officially approved as a project with no negative votes, number: ISO 23218; in May 2018, at the 26th annual meeting of ISO/TC184/SC1, ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 was formally established. “Working Group on International Standards for Machine Tool Numerical Control Systems”, with Dr. Zuguang Huang of the General Technology Machine Tool Research Institute as the convener, responsible for the development of the ISO/NP 23218 international standard project. The members of the working group include 13 members from China, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Spain. expert.

The first working group meeting of ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 was held in Germany in February 2019

In February 2019, ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 held the first international working group meeting. Experts from various countries recognized the high-quality text of the ISO 23218 working group draft prepared by China. The meeting decided that ISO 23218 should be formulated as a series of standards. The meeting decided that after the meeting, the Chinese side submitted the ISO/NP 23218-2 project approval materials, and the project was officially approved in September 2019.

The second ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 working group meeting was held in Germany in July 2019

The third working group meeting of ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 will be held online in April 2020

The second and third international working group meetings of ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 were held in July 2019 and April 2020 respectively. More than 100 comments from member states were processed, and ISO 23218-1 entered the committee stage; 2020 In November 2018, ISO 23218-1 passed the DIS vote; in July 2021, the fourth international working group meeting was held to deal with 94 opinions collected during the ISO 23218-1 DIS voting process, and the DIS draft was formed after revision and improvement; In May 2022, ISO 23218-1 passed the FDIS voting by all votes and was officially released the following month; in June 2022, the same series of international standards ISO 23218-2 entered the FDIS voting stage, and passed the vote in August, September 2022 ISO 23218-2 is officially released.

From February 2018, when the project was approved with no negative votes to the official release of the ISO 23218-1 and ISO 23218-2 series of international standards, the General Technology Machine Tool Research Institute has organized 9 Chinese working group meetings, 4 The international working group meeting promoted the development of a series of international standards, and after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, overcame various difficulties and maintained close communication with domestic and foreign experts through various methods such as emails and telephones to ensure that the development of international standards can be carried out on schedule and smoothly. , starting from the International Standard Proposal (NP), successively completed the working group draft (WD), the committee draft (CD), the consultation draft (DIS) and the final draft international standard (FDIS) and other stages of standard texts. More than 300 revision opinions from more than 10 countries have successfully completed the development of the ISO 23218 series of international standards.

ISO 23218-2 R&D Process

The ISO23218 series of international standards is one of the landmark achievements of the 2004 National Science and Technology Major Project. Its successful release shows that the achievements of the “Key Technology Standard System of High-end CNC System” established by my country under the support of the 04 special project have been recognized internationally, and it has become the maker of the international machine tool CNC system industry rules; it marks that my country is in the field of international standards for machine tool CNC systems To achieve a “zero” breakthrough, the international standard for the “brain” of CNC machine tools will adopt Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions.

In September 2022, Dr. Huang Zuguang, the convener of WG10, reported the research and development of ISO 23218 series standards at the ISO/TC184/SC1 annual meeting, and promoted the development of ISO 23218-3

Following the official release of the two international standards ISO 23218-1 and ISO 23218-2, the project team is promoting the new proposal for this series of international standards ISO/PWI 23218-3 “Industrial automation systems and integration—Numerical control systems for machine tools—Part 3 : safety requirements (industrial automation system and integrated machine tool numerical control system Part 3: safety requirements)”, this standard focuses on the safety requirements of numerical control system, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the numerical control system of machine tools, to ensure the safety of relevant operators and property, and to facilitate the use of machine tools. The operation and maintenance of the numerical control system has now completed the draft.

The General Technology Machine Tool Research Institute is expected to organize the fifth international working group meeting of ISO/TC184/SC1/WG10 this year, to discuss the draft according to the opinions collected in the early stage, and actively promote the standard to enter the next stage. In the future, the standard R&D team of the General Technology Machine Tool Research Institute will continue to play the responsibilities of central enterprises, integrate domestic scientific research institutes, universities and leading enterprises in the industry, and actively promote the development of international standards, supporting the technological innovation and achievement transformation of high-end CNC systems. The domestic CNC system runs side by side with the international, and then leads.

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