The Grand Opening of Shanghai Customer Innovation Center, Belden Starts a New Journey of Transformation

On March 28, 2023, after two years of careful preparation, Belden Shanghai Customer Innovation Center (CIC) officially opened as the third of the five Belden global customer innovation centers. Two other customer innovation centers are located in Stuttgart, Germany and Santa Clara, USA. Over the past period of time, Belden has been committed to providing customers with solutions through a comprehensive global service network and a new customer innovation center (CIC), gradually becoming a solution partner worthy of customers’ reliance and trust.

The opening ceremony of Belden Shanghai Customer Innovation Center adopted the form of simultaneous online and offline live broadcast, and invited customers and partners from the Asia-Pacific region to participate and interact. At the opening ceremony, Belden’s senior leaders and customers cut the ribbon for the Shanghai Customer Innovation Center to congratulate Belden on its prosperous business and new achievements.

The Grand Opening of Shanghai Customer Innovation Center, Belden Starts a New Journey of Transformation

Afterwards, Mr. Ashish Chand, Belden’s global CEO, introduced the strategic position and value of Belden’s Customer Innovation Center (CIC) through a video. He said, “The message we convey to our customers has never been so clear. Our customers are creating the digital future. Belden exists to create the foundation for the digital world. Shanghai CIC will be a place for us to discover new opportunities in the rapidly developing and industrialized economy.” ties.”

Belden’s Executive Vice President of Industrial automation Solutions, Mr. Brian Lieser, and Vice President of Global Products and Solutions, Mr. Vinod Rana also sent congratulations to the opening ceremony.

Mr. Pavan Mahajan, the general manager of the Asia-Pacific region, came from afar and made a special trip to attend the offline opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that as Belden’s first customer innovation center in the Asia-Pacific region, Shanghai CIC is not only a Display center for Belden’s latest technologies and products, but also a link connecting Belden’s Asia-Pacific partners and customers for joint innovation. CIC can provide services ranging from design, End-to-end solution for testing, validation and deployment. The opening of Shanghai CIC will be a milestone moment for the development of Belden Asia Pacific.

Mr. Gao Donglie, Senior Sales Director of China Region, and Mr. He Yiruo, Senior Director of Products and Solutions of Asia Pacific Region also delivered speeches and congratulations on the opening ceremony.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the traditional lion dance performance of the lion dance team brought the atmosphere to a climax. After the lions were harvested, Mr. Pavan Mahajan and Mr. Patrick Wong finished the eyes of the dancing lions, drawing a successful ending for the opening ceremony. period.

Technical experts from Belden Customer Innovation Center (CIC) introduced IDW (Innovation Discovery Wall), PoC (Proof of Concept Laboratory) and CUBE (Magic Cube) to the guests present, interacted and communicated with them, and led the guests to experience CIC’s Tech features and highlights.

Enhanced solution delivery, integrated automation product portfolio, and edge cloud computing solutions are the themes of Belden’s transformation. With the opening of the Shanghai Customer Innovation Center, Belden has embarked on a new journey. We believe that with CIC as the link, our professional technical team and employees, leading innovative technologies and rich industry knowledge will create a solid foundation for our customers and partners in the digital world on the road of Belden’s transformation.

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