The Ministry of Finance announced: zero tariffs on the import of surgical robots!

Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a series of news to adjust the import and export tariffs in 2023, including the addition of surgeryrobotSubhead.

The “People’s Republic of China Import and Export Tariff (2023)” announcement shows that in order to protect the health of the people and reduce the economic burden of patients, starting from January 1, 2023, 13 categories will be reduced.the medicalImport tariffs on medical devices: Starting from July 1, 37 types of medical device products will achieve zero import tariffs. After the implementation of the policy, the import of these medical device products in the most favored countries (including 162 countries including the United States) will achieve zero import tariffs.

As for surgical Robots, the “Most Favored Nation Tax Rate Table for Some Information Technology Products” shows that from January 2023, it will be implemented in accordance with the MFN import tax rate to encourage foreign surgical robot products and technologies to enter the Chinese market.

The Ministry of Finance announced: zero tariffs on the import of surgical robots!

It means that surgical robots including Da Vinci will have zero tariffs. In the past, these companies have vigorously promoted the localization of surgical robots. Taking advantage of the reduction of tariffs this time, it is likely to reduce the price of imported surgical robots, which is conducive to promoting the growth of surgical robots. Landing application.

It is worth noting that the newly added “surgical robot” subheading in this document of the Ministry of Finance refers to therobotic armA medical device that can perform complex surgical operations in a minimally invasive manner, including orthopedic surgery robots, endoscopic surgery robots, neurosurgery robots, and radiological interventional surgery robots.

According to industry insiders, tax items are called the “language” of trade. When a class of commodities has corresponding tax items, it will help promote the circulation of commodity trade, facilitate the statistics of international trade of commodities, and improve trade transparency. In addition, with tax items, it will be more convenient to implement import and export trade licensing management policies or tax collection management policies.

Surgical robots are accelerating their application

Surgical robot, as an innovative intelligent medical device, can perform precise surgical operations in human cavity, blood vessel and nerve-intensive areas. It has the advantages of accurate positioning, small surgical trauma, low risk of infection and fast postoperative recovery. The demand for medical services can also help to better deal with problems such as insufficient medical re