The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the development of artificial intelligence from four aspects

Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that over the years, the overall development level of China’s robot industry has steadily improved. Under the combined effect of market demand, technological breakthroughs, and policy guidance and support, the development of China’s robot industry has achieved remarkable results, with huge development potential and broad prospects. .

According to the “2022 China Robot Industry Development Report”, China’s robot market continues to flourish. Among them, the market size of Industrial Robots is expected to reach US$8.7 billion in 2022, US$6.5 billion for service robots, and US$2.2 billion for special robots.

  China is the world’s largest robot application market

Xin Guobin said that through the joint efforts of industry, academia, research and application, the development of China’s robot industry has reached a new level, and China has become the largest application market for robots in the world. According to reports, in 2021, the operating income of China’s robot industry will exceed 130 billion yuan.

Specifically, in 2021, the output of China’s Industrial Robots will reach 366,000 units, an increase of 68% over the previous year; the output of service robots will be 9.214 million units, an increase of 47% over the previous year; the market size of special robots is also growing steadily.

At the same time, data shows that in 2021, China’s Industrial Robot sales will exceed 260,000 units, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 53%, making it the world’s largest consumer of industrial robots for eight consecutive years.

It is reported that the application of industrial robots in various industries continues to deepen. At present, it has been applied in 60 industry categories and 168 industries, and is gradually moving towards the high-end application market. In certain scenarios, a number of advanced practical robot products and solutions are being formed.

The rapid development of the robotics industry is inseparable from the efforts of many companies. By the end of 2021, the number of specialized, special, and new little giant companies in the robotics field has reached 101, covering various types of companies such as complete machines, core components, and system integration.

In addition, the capital market is also strongly supporting the robotics industry. Xin Guobin revealed that in the first half of this year, China’s robotics industry has disclosed a financing amount of more than 5 billion yuan. Core components, collaborative robots, surgical robots and other fields have become the focus of social capital. A group of start-up technology companies have entered the fast lane of development.

The “2022 China Robot Industry Development Report” predicts that the global robot market will reach 51.3 billion US dollars in 2022, with an average annual growth rate of 14% from 2017 to 2022; The average annual growth rate reached 22%, far exceeding the world average.

 Robot industry ushered in a period of development opportunities

According to data from the International Federation of Robotics, the global installed base of industrial robots will hit a record high of 487,000 units in 2021, and the development of service robots and special robots will also maintain a strong momentum.

At present, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, biology, and new materials are accelerating the integration and innovation, and the robotics industry is ushering in a period of strategic opportunities for upgrading and leapfrog development.

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