This shoe-clad robot may look a little more friendly

New type developed by Georgia Institute of TechnologyrobotNot only does it have a gait close to human beings, but after wearing shoes, it can achieve a more anthropomorphic and stable way of walking.

This shoe-clad robot may look a little more friendly

The Verge Chinese station reported on July 19

Getting a robot to walk like a human is actually very difficult. It is not difficult to find that mainstream robot manufacturers such as Boston Dynamics and Honda either choose a quadruped robot design, or directly make the robot’s feet into a simple cuboid, but none of them have a human gait. Now, engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States have come up with a solution that allows bipedal Robots to better simulate human gait. The method is actually very simple: put shoes on the robot.

First, the DURUS robot developed by Georgia Tech’s Amber Lab has a human-like foot structure, and the rhythm of walking is more anthropomorphic, such as the heel first touches the ground, and then pushes the toes to move. But obviously, robots’ feet are usually flat, so Amber Lab put a pair of sneakers on them for smoother foot movement. It can be seen from the video that the DURUS robot and the human are walking on the conveyor belt, and their footsteps are surprisingly consistent.

Obviously, robots are gradually entering human life, but often in strange or even scary shapes, and in different ways of traveling. But for sure, more anthropomorphic forms would make them more receptive, and learning how to walk is actually a good idea to start with. (Original Author: James Vincent Compiler: Ben)

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