Tireless intelligent robot on duty – visit to the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics (1)

The main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics was officially opened on January 4, and it also entered a closed-loop state from the afternoon of January 4.

The main media center has always been the main battlefield for the news of the Olympic Games. In order to know all aspects of this media base camp in advance, so as to quickly enter the working state during the Winter Olympics, the reporter from the local end went to the Beijing Winter Olympics host outside the North Fourth Ring Road in advance. Media Center, conducted a comprehensive visit.

To say that the biggest difference between the Beijing Winter Olympics and the previous world competitions is probably the wide-scale use of various smart devices.smart robotbecome a beautiful landscape.

I photographed a smart phone in the lobby on the first floor of the main media center of the Winter Olympicsrobot. At that time, it was cleaning and disinfecting the lobby on the first floor. Before I came, I heard the news about the intelligent robot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, so I was immediately attracted to it and circled around it to shoot.

The working principle of the intelligent robot is that the designer designs the corresponding work content and service scope in its control terminal program in advance according to the characteristics and scope of the work place, and then it performs tireless work according to the instructions. It doesn’t seem complicated at first, but in fact it is one of the smart terminal devices based on 5G, and it is also 5G.applicationone of the scenes.

To test if it’s smart, I deliberately blocked its path before and during the shoot to see how it reacted. The result is: it quickly recognized me as an obstacle, and after waiting for a second or two, seeing that I did not mean to retreat, it took the initiative to avoid it, turned an angle, and then chose to continue to work until it reached a certain distance. Then fold to the other working face and continue to move forward.

Through field observation, I have come to three major benefits of intelligent robots. First, it is very diligent, it does not need to rest, eat and drink, and work conscientiously and responsibly; second, it is in a good mood. It has no temper, it will not have any mood swings due to long hours of work or boring work content, and it will not be full of complaints; the third is good longevity. Intelligent robots can work in designated areas 24 hours a day without interruption. Before it runs out of power, it will actively return to the charging station to charge, and then continue to return to work. With this “Mr. Miyoshi”, the masters are more at ease.

It is understood that there are many types of intelligent robots like this in various Winter Olympic venues in Beijing. Like epidemic prevention + disinfecting + inspection intelligent robots, when it finds that someone is not wearing a mask in the venue, it will take the initiative to remind you to put on a mask; some intelligent robots are specially responsible for food delivery services, and order guests through the mobile APP. Good meals are delivered to the guests; some intelligent robots are responsible for sending important documents, materials and other items from one area to another, solving the problem of material transfer between the rings in the closed loop of the Winter Olympics. The use of all intelligent robots is mainly to minimize the chance of direct contact between people in the closed loop of the Winter Olympics, thereby reducing the possible risk of epidemic infection, which is also in line with the “simple, safe and exciting” hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Require.

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