“Wei” connects all things and creates the future intelligently

Use technology to overcome obstacles, Weidmüller will go hand in hand with you!

This is Weidmuller’s belief, and it is also the goal of its efforts and struggles. Therefore, Weidmuller has always insisted on being infinitely close to customers and continuously strengthening its stickiness with customers.

Recently, Weidmüller has made more appearances, attending 3 professional events within a week, or displaying its more valuable intelligent solutions; or communicating with users and colleagues in different industries and fields on intelligent manufacturing, intelligent connection, etc. Topics for in-depth exchanges and discussions.

“Wei” connects all things and creates the future intelligently

On November 21-22, the 8th China “Electrical Appliance and Energy Efficiency Management Technology” Summit Forum was held in Shanghai with the theme of “Focusing on Smart Power Distribution and Green Energy and Planning a Dual-Carbon Blueprint”. Weidmüller made an appearance at the summit forum, displaying brand-new products and solutions in the fields of digitalization, smart power distribution and new energy on the spot, highlighting its role in promoting the realization of my country’s “dual carbon” goal and its commitment to new energy as the main body. The strong strength in the construction of new power systems has attracted many visitors to visit and communicate, and conduct in-depth discussions on specific applications and solutions.

Coincidentally, on November 23, the “2022 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference-Smart Manufacturing Empowers State-owned Enterprises Digital Transformation Innovation Development Forum” opened in Nanjing. Mr. Zhuo Zhuo, Director of Weidmüller Asia-Pacific automation Products and Solutions Division, was invited to attend the conference, and shared Weidmüller’s “Building on the basis of automation, realizing data through IIoT” with the title “Digital Intelligence, Wei Lai”. Based on the concept of “Intelligent Industry Driven by Data”, it introduces the core functions of the data-driven business model, as well as solutions for different infrastructures, from data acquisition and preprocessing, to data communication, to data analysis and Display, etc. Mr. Zhuoyue’s wonderful speech won warm applause from the audience at the conference and online. They all said that this speech not only gave them a deeper understanding of digitalization, but also a new understanding of intelligent connection and the future direction of digital intelligence. Also clearer.

After you sing, I will appear on stage! The activity on November 23 has just come to an end, and on November 24, the “Fourth China VDMA Industry 4.0 Flagship Conference” was unveiled in Kunshan. As a heavyweight guest, Weidmüller appeared at the conference in the form of “exhibition + speech”. On the one hand, Weidmüller showed its star products and solutions that empower intelligent manufacturing at the conference. At the same time, its electrical cabinet products and workplace solutions division Mr. Tao Jun, senior manager of connection consulting business, also introduced “Weidmüller Connection Consulting Service” in detail. As we all know, as the needs and challenges faced by the manufacturing industry become more and more complex and diverse, improving the efficiency of the planning and installation of electrical control cabinets and shortening the time to market has become an important part of enterprises to win market competition. Weidmüller’s connectivity consulting services cover all areas of electrical design and control cabinet installation. Through the continuous optimization of the control cabinet infrastructure, it can help manufacturing companies remain invincible in the competition towards a digital and intelligent future.

The flowers bloomed in three places within a week, and Weidmüller has received high attention and praise from the audience, whether it is on-site demonstration or speech exchange, which can be described as frequent success. At the same time, Weidmüller’s belief in empowering customers with smart connections, and working hand in hand with customers to win the future will also become stronger.

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