Which of these cool agricultural robots have you been “raided” by?

At present, the essence of high-end technology is condensedrobotIt is stepping forward, and sweeping all fields with lightning speed. The amazing thing is that it has been perfectly adapted to agriculture.

These agricultural robot inventions can be described as imaginative, either too cute, or inexplicably funny, or shocking… Well, it seems to be a bit exaggerated, anyway, everyone can make up their own minds, and take stock Consider it…

The world is so big, let the editor take you to see it, and find out what “thunder” things have been done by Robots that you don’t know about.

China | Seedling Robot

The advantage of the seedling robot is that the seedling cycle is short. Using one leaf and one bud of the plant as a carrier, it is connected to the intelligent seedbed, and the corresponding expert program is started. It can take root in 3-5 days, and seedlings can be formed in half a month to 20 days, which can make the seedling cycle It can be shortened to 1/2 of the original; it can effectively solve the problems of manual control of complex labor procedures and inability to precisely control, and the seedling rate is over 98%.

Which of these cool agricultural robots have you been “raided” by?

Australia|Grazing Robots

The robot could replace traditional grazing labor on farms. It has an advanced sensing system and global positioning system that can automatically detect the movement speed of the herd and drive them to move.

United States | Fertilizer Robot

This robot can detect different soils and calculate the precise amount of fertilization, thereby effectively improving fertilization efficiency and reducing production costs. In addition, after the application of the fertilization robot, the problem of water pollution caused by excessive fertilization in the past has also been effectively improved.

United States | Bee Robot

This bee robot can replace bees in the pollination of plants. In addition, this kind of robot can be applied to post-disaster investigation and search and rescue work, and its advantages of strong endurance and small size make it extremely valuable after a disaster.

Germany|Weeding Robot

The weeding robot BoniRob, developed by German agricultural experts, can travel through various plots of the farm at high speed, accurately find and remove weeds, and can remove 120 weeds per minute, which is much faster than manual and drug weeding.

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