Windows on ARM helps IoT solution builders digitally transform

Advantech has been working closely with Microsoft and NXP to test and adapt Windows on ARM devices. Microsoft is now ready to release Windows IoT Enterprise Edition for NXP i.MX8M and i.MX8M Mini BSP GA. For a long time, the market has been calling for this ARM-based operating system. Windows on ARM ecosystem will reshape the Industrial equipment market with the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, low power consumption and Windows GUI.

What are the advantages of Windows on ARM (WOA)?

Windows on ARM (WOA) refers to the Microsoft Windows operating system that runs on PCs powered by ARM processors.

The most direct benefit of this system is that it can save the cost of hardware and operating system at the same time. In addition to saving costs, the high efficiency and low power characteristics of ARM-based equipment also meet the new needs of the energy-saving era. In addition, Windows applications that have been developed before can run directly on ARM machines, greatly reducing the time for application redevelopment.

Windows on ARM helps IoT solution builders digitally transform

Unlock Windows IoT and empower the ARM platform

In terms of Windows experience, Windows on ARM is functionally the same as Windows 10 and Windows 11, and is a good choice for devices with high portability.

The platform offers ample performance for document editing, web browsing, and even some slightly more demanding tasks, while offering all-day battery life and advanced network options such as 4G and 5G.

Based on the above features, Windows on ARM is suitable for applications that require a large number of deployments and do not require high-end hardware computing capabilities, such as charging/refueling devices, large chain stores, or simple medical equipment.

As one of the few early project partners, Advantech began to cooperate with Microsoft and NXP in 2021 to build and run a new product portfolio, which has already achieved mass production. Advantech’s core modules ROM-5720 and ROM-5721 based on NXP i.MX8M series processors already support Windows on ARM operating system.

If Advantech customers want to run Windows on ARM products, they can purchase licenses from Advantech separately, or they can purchase the overall solution of hardware and operating system to ensure their compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Windows 11 run on ARM?

A: Yes, you can already install Windows 11 on ARM-based devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro X.

Q: Is there ARM for Windows 10?

A: Yes, Windows 10 is the first version to be ported to ARM.

Q: Can Windows 10 on ARM run 64-bit apps?

A: Not in simulation. Only native 64-bit (ARM64) apps will work with Windows 10 as well as x86 and ARM32 apps. And Windows 11 does support 64-bit software emulation.

Q: Is Windows for ARM free?

A: Currently Microsoft only licenses Windows on ARM to OEMs. But the ARM build is accessible by joining the Windows Insider Beta program.

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