Wisdom endows the future, gathers oranges for a win-win situation | KUKA’s new products are released, leading the new development of intelligence

On November 8, 2022, the 2022 KUKA new product launch conference with the theme of “Wisdom for the future, gathering oranges for a win-win situation” came to a successful conclusion. At the press conference, Zhang Zhuohui, CEO of KUKA China, Zheng Junqi, Vice President of Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Daniel Yoo, Chief Representative of VDMA China Shanghai Representative Office, Lorenz Loebermann, Head of KUKA Global Brand, KUKA Robotics Global market Communication Director Sebastian Schuster, KUKA’s product planning and R&D team and other guests discussed the current situation and opportunities of the robot industry, and shared KUKA’s new products and innovative technologies.

Wisdom endows the future, gathers oranges for a win-win situation | KUKA’s new products are released, leading the new development of intelligence

At this conference, a number of new KUKA products were officially launched, including KR SCARA CS family, DELTA robot KR 3 D1200, LBR iisy collaborative robot, iiQKA.OS operating system, arc welding robot KR CYBERTECH nano Edition series and KUKA Connect digital products . These new products will help a wide range of Industrial enterprises to increase production capacity while ensuring product quality.

Mr. Zhang Zhuohui, CEO of KUKA China, delivered a speech first, welcoming online audiences and partners to witness the 2022 KUKA new product launch ceremony, and thanked everyone for their continued support to KUKA.

Zhang Zhuohui, CEO of KUKA China

The KUKA global brand ambassador and German table tennis star Tim Bohr, who was far away in Germany, landed in the live broadcast room, connected remotely with KUKA global brand director Lorenz Loebermann and KUKA China marketing director Bian Deying, and interacted with the audience enthusiastically. Share the latest developments of KUKA Group. Sebastian Schuster, Director of Global Marketing Communication of KUKA Robot, brought greetings from Augsburg, Germany, and looked forward to the future development of KUKA Robot.

KUKA global brand ambassador, German table tennis star Tim Bohr

Daniel Yoo, chief representative of VDMA (German Machinery Manufacturing Federation) China Shanghai Representative Office, shared the development status and related data of industrial Robots with the online audience. According to statistics, Asia is currently the world’s largest Industrial Robot market. Among all newly deployed robots in 2021, China’s robot installations will increase by 51%, accounting for 52% of global robot installations. From the perspective of market segments, applications such as new energy and electrical/electronic industries are currently the main industries for industrial robots in China, accounting for 33% of the installed volume in 2021, with rapid growth; while the traditional automotive industry has experienced a three-year decline. Since then, the overall demand has stabilized, and the number of installations in the automotive industry will increase by 97% in 2021, nearly doubling the growth rate. The increase in market demand makes China’s industrial robot market expected to form a new pattern. In more market segments other than automobiles, the development process of industrial robots will be further accelerated.

Daniel Yoo, Chief Representative of VDMA China Shanghai Representative Office

At the same time of the press conference, a ceremony to issue the “Robot Cleanliness Certificate” was also held. Mr. Zheng Junqi from Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) came to the conference site to issue clean-level certification for all KUKA SCARA series. It is understood that cleanliness requirements are a prerequisite for robots to enter high-end industries such as semiconductors, chips, food, electronics, and biomedicine. The SCARA robot family considered clean design at the beginning of research and development, and passed international and domestic standards. The first robot cleanliness certificate issued by the National Robot Testing and Evaluation Center (Headquarters) and Shanghai Tianwei Certification Technology Co., Ltd.

Zheng Junqi, Vice President of Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. issued the “Robot Cleanliness Certificate” to the whole series of KUKA SCARA

From left to right: Wei Lai, head of product planning at KUKA, Wang Shaoyu, senior manager of KUKA R&D, and Zheng Junqi, vice president of SEC

KR SCARA CS full range: sensitive, fast and efficient

The newly launched full-line four-axis robot KR SCARA CS currently covers 3kg, 6kg and 12kg, with a total of 11 models. It has a compact design and strong performance, and can be applied to automated assembly lines and sorting operations. The KR SCARA CS 3kg product has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, and the repeatability of the product reaches ±0.01mm; the KR SCARA CS 3kg (clean version) reaches the cleanliness level of ISO4, which can cover more different application scenarios. The KR SCARA CS 6kg product has three arms spans of 500mm, 600mm and 700mm, and a vertical travel of 200mm. The load capacity of the KR SCARA CS 12kg product is better than that of the 10kg SCARA currently on the market. The robot adopts a built-in cable design, which makes the whole model more compact, thus saving the customer’s use space.

Whether it is the stacking application in the battery production process in the electric vehicle industry, photovoltaic equipment manufacturing, workpiece installation, pharmaceutical packaging applications, or the electronic assembly of small parts in the 3C industry, the KR SCARA CS series can handle it with ease. At the 2022 China automation Annual Conference, the KR SCARA CS series also won the “Most Competitive Innovative Product” award!

Li Zhengtao, KUKA Product Manager

DELTA Robot KR 3 D1200: High-speed sorting with outstanding performance

This year, the new KR 3 D1200 robot, as a continuation of the DELTA family, is made of new materials, which are lighter in weight, faster and more flexible. With its excellent industrial design, the new KR DELTA robot won the 2022 Japan G-Mark GOOD DESIGN Award. The new product has a rated load of 3kg, a maximum load of 6kg, a standard cycle of less than 0.32 seconds, more efficient sorting, and self-lubricating ball bearing design to reduce maintenance costs.

In terms of software, KUKA.ConveyorTech synchronizes the movement of the robot with the conveyor belt, KUKA.VisionTech helps detect goods, and KUKA.PickControl links the pick-and-place actions of various robots to achieve efficient packaging. Excellent product design and software integration make KR 3 D1200 outstanding in the secondary packaging field of food, medicine, electronics and other products.

KUKA Product Manager Shi Hang

LBR iisy robot & iiQKA.OS operating system: human-robot collaboration is super easy

The LBR iisy collaborative robot launched this time inherits the excellent quality of iiwa and has complete human-machine collaboration functions. The body of the LBR iisy has a high protection level, and torque sensors are configured on all 6 axes, with high sensitivity. In addition, the robot is also equipped with a Schunk gripper, which has a variety of color indicators to quickly identify the status, and manually drag the button to quickly teach the point.

LBR iisy is the perfect combination of industrial automation professionalism, accuracy, reliability, and the convenience and flexibility of smart devices, especially when used in conjunction with the new iiQKA.OS operating system, which can be configured and programmed in just a few minutes. The iiQKA.OS operating system has the characteristics of fast configuration, fast programming, fast support and fast expansion, which greatly assists operators in lowering the threshold for using robots.

KUKA Product Manager Shi Hang

KR CYBERTECH nano Edition series: simple to control complexity, quality exchange ingenuity

The new-generation Edition series arc welding robot adopts a large-diameter hollow arm design. Its compact structure and hollow arm realize more flexibility in arc welding application scenarios. The optimized body design not only improves the rigidity of the robot, but also effectively prevents the robot from shaking during the welding process, and combines with high trajectory accuracy to ensure a good welding effect.

The new Edition series has a rated load of 6kg and its maximum load is up to 9kg. In the welding process, the robot has a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.04mm, which ensures high welding quality with precise positioning and stable welding trajectory. In addition, this series of robots combines many advantages of KUKA, not only is equipped with a variety of software packages, but also can match most of the commonly used welding machines in the market, which is a necessary right-hand man for arc welding applications.

KUKA Product Manager Fu Yongxiang

KUKA Connect: Based on Industrial Production, Connecting the Future of Digital Intelligence

KUKA Connect is a full life cycle management platform for KUKA robots, which supports cloud and local deployment. On this platform, customers can easily access KUKA robot status and visualize data analysis results at any time, and realize robot maintenance management and failure analysis.

KUKA Connect connects with KUKA robots through standard Ethernet and collects detailed status information in real time. With the help of big data analysis technology and professional KUKA robot R&D and maintenance experience, it provides workshop operators, maintenance personnel and management personnel with more efficient and safe. Robot full life cycle management experience. KUKA Connect is suitable for various application scenarios such as robot equipment monitoring, data management, production line efficiency improvement, maintenance management and fault repair management.

KUKA Product Manager Zeng Long

KUKA started in 1898, originated in Germany, and has been deeply involved in the field of robotics for nearly half a century. After entering China, German tradition and Chinese innovation have been continuously integrated, and KUKA has been able to thrive in China, realizing the integration of production, sales and research, and continuously developing localized products based on the core needs of Chinese enterprises. KUKA launched new products at this conference, showing KUKA’s latest technology and R&D achievements to the majority of users, and also further reflected KUKA’s continuous iterative upgrade of technology, products, services and automation solutions in practice. The determination to be able to different industries. In the future, KUKA will continue to be driven by technological innovation, keep moving forward in the face of opportunities and challenges, and hope to become the preferred partner of intelligent automation for more enterprises.

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