Yiwu Technology: “Softness overcomes rigidity”, flexible solutions enable logistics automation

along withsensor,machine visionLidar and other technological advancements, the integration of this technology into one mobilerobotin terms of positioning, navigation, movement, obstacle avoidance and other functions have gradually become more stable, while attracting a large number of “players” influx, it also paves the way for the development of logistics automation upgrades.

With the in-depth development of technology, hardware performance has improved year by year, but excellent hardware cannot be separated from the blessing of software. The software can endow AGVs and AMRs with precise and safe execution, an open and interconnected information ecosystem, and configurable and extensible flexibility. In the torrent of increasingly fierce competition, software is carving out a unique watershed of its own.

Recently, OFweek interviewed Dr. Zhu Lijun, CEO of Yiwu Technology, a new flexible logistics automation solution provider. Regarding the company’s industry-first open mobile robot scheduling platform, he shared Yiwu Technology’s unique understanding of the industry and the artificial intelligence-based How does the scheduling system of the algorithm enable the digital and intelligent upgrading and transformation of logistics.

Yiwu Technology: “Softness overcomes rigidity”, flexible solutions enable logistics automation

Advantageous genes + ecological cooperation, help logistics flexible automation upgrade

The advantage of Yiwu Technology’s flexible logistics scheduling system is that it breaks the boundaries of equipment types and brands, and can integrate and interoperate functional areas that originally operated independently, realize information exchange and scheduling management of different equipment, and adapt to the diversified and complex business of customers on site. need.

Before founding Yiwu Technology, Dr. Zhu Lijun worked at Amazon, and later served as the leader of the flexible automation project of Cainiao Network. He has profound insights into the logistics industry. The company’s founding team also comes from well-known enterprises in the logistics industry, and has been deeply involved in the field of solutions for many years. In the continuous practice and summary, they noticed that the automation upgrade of the logistics industry has become the general trend. The flexible empowerment and flexible adaptability based on actual business are the core features of the digital and intelligent upgrade. This is what Yiwu Technology can do for Unique value offered by the industry.

Different from hardware integrators, Yiwu Technology’s scheduling system has its own set of logic: an easy-to-use solution must take the logistics business as a foothold, and an intelligent logistics solution must first consider the business, the business is the process, the process is the system, and finally It is equipment, and for this reason, it firmly starts from software and takes the customer’s solution as its orientation. It has reached cooperation with many excellent hardware manufacturers in China, and uses excellent software to provide empowerment and blessing for logistics automation.

Unique scheduling scheme to create the best fleet for customers

In the long-term application practice, Yiwu Technology has found that the diversity and complexity of customer business needs are far more than imagined, and many hardware manufacturers with supporting solutions need customers to adapt existing solutions for transformation. It is difficult to achieve 100% accurate solutions to customer pain points.

From the customer’s point of view, Yiwu Technology relies on the powerful Industrial-grade scheduling algorithm kernel, through the configuration of heterogeneous AGV/AMR that supports any protocol and any form, based on heterogeneous map mixed field scheduling, according to the actual needs of customer business scenarios, to The open software platform and the organic combination of various types of Robots provide customers with high-efficiency and flexible solutions such as robot compatibility scheduling, intelligent logistics simulation, and automated process orchestration, so that the solutions can be adapted to customer needs.

Dr. Zhu Lijun said that taking the common scenario of saving and picking above as an example, using pallets as carriers often requires high-level forklifts and lifting robots to cooperate in the field. The flexible logistics scheduling system of Yiwu Technology can integrate multiple manufacturers. Help customers easily realize the mixed operation of various types of vehicles and realize customized solutions.

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At present, leading enterprises have completed the “testing the water” stage and have begun to pursue full-link automation upgrades. At the same time, relatively “conservative” small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually begun to carry out automation upgrading and transformation under the influence of many successful cases. To achieve comprehensive logistics automation, it is necessary to be able to handle sufficiently complex business scenarios, sufficiently large business needs, and sufficient With the software capabilities of cumbersome business processes, Yiwu Technology helps the industry to accelerate the process of automation development with its own enough hard-core algorithm capabilities.

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By this year, Yiwu Technology has been established for three years, and its consistent and steady style has enabled Yiwu Technology to perform well in business as a whole. Dr. Zhu Lijun said that the focus of development at this stage is to settle down and do a solid job of projects and products.

As China’s mobile robots go overseas, Yiwu Technology’s solutions have also been successfully launched overseas. With customized solutions, Yiwu Technology has been recognized by more and more overseas customers, whether it is a large customer or a small and medium customer, Yiwu Technology Can provide a set of solutions to suit their needs. While taking root in China and polishing products, Yiwu Technology will also continue to develop overseas markets with its unique technical strength.