Zhouxin Technology released ZEUS drone/robot intelligent platform solution

Zhouxin Technology released ZEUS drone/robot intelligent platform solution

Netease Technology News on July 2nd, Zhouxin Technology and Huawei HiSilicon released the ZEUS (Zeus) drone in Beijing.robotIntelligent platform solutions, which include multiple product lines, respectively, for consumer and Industrial applications.
It is understood that the ZEUS (Zeus) drone/robot intelligent platform solution released by Zhouxin Technology this time mainly has the following characteristics: image processing capability, HiSilicon chip adopts the structure of “general CPU + hardware IVE operator”, supports 1600 The 10,000-pixel camera has 4K recording capability, supports video multi-stream processing and adaptive adjustment of preview resolution, and the transmission delay of preview video is 100 milliseconds, and it also has lower transmission bandwidth requirements, which is suitable for wireless transmission. It is beneficial to obtain a smoother preview video and improve the user experience.

In addition, the platform adopts a modular design and provides a wealth of external interfaces, such as image, image transmission, flight control and ESC, as well as peripheral GPS, ultrasound, optical flow, etc., which can be freely combined according to requirements to meet various applications. The system can also support a variety of intelligent algorithms, including obstacle avoidance, intelligent follow, face recognition and smiling face capture, automatic beauty, etc., support video and photo sharing to the cloud, and remote video live broadcast.

It is reported that Zhouxin Technology was established in March 2016, focusing on the research and development of intelligent flight control systems, computer vision and other technologies and products. At present, it has obtained millions of angel funds from Inno Angel Fund and Zhenyun Venture Capital. (Dingxi)

Source of this article: NetEase Technology Report

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